Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brush vs Towel

Check out my review on this product for more info:  Goody Quikstyle Brush Review

 I hate blow drying my long, thick hair because it takes so long. This brush really sops up the water and helps to cut the drying time down. I love the vents on this side of the brush that helps to keep air flowing. The paddle styler has microfiber bristles, which remove 30% of water as you style. YES!!! This means less damage from heat! It left my hair smooth and shiny!

 The only problem I found with it is that after a few brushes the microfibers seem to be pushed down. I will then have to dry them and push them back up to continue to use. I'm not sure if this is just bc my hair is so long and thick that it can't handle it or just what. However, if I towel dry some before using this brush it doesn't seem to happen.

         This is a pic of the brush with the microfibers pushed down after use.

With this all being said, I really do enjoy this brush and I give it 4 out of 5 Shmoos (still an A in my book).

Shining in Nude York City

I received my Nude York City NYC Liquid Lipshine a few weeks back and I have fallen in love with the new gloss in town! As I opened this tube up a most amazing smell filled the air. This is probably the best smelling lip gloss I’ve had - normally I just tolerate the smell. Tons of hot new shades, from preppy nudes to bold statement hues. I received a beautiful glossy nude that looks great alone or on top of my favorite lip color. I love that this lip gloss is non-sticky. Give it a try and you will fall in love as well! 

Once again I am giving a product 5 out of 5 Shmoos =)