Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nail Fashion

  I received this Kiss Nail Dress in my box from Influenster Holiday VoxBox on Christmas Eve. Well, I had wanted to try this myself but on Christmas Day as I headed out the door to my parents for some reason I put these in my purse. See everyone was gathering at my parents home for the Holiday festivities and what we thought would be a normal Christmas Day turned out to be much more than we expected.

Everyone was there: mom and dad, my sister and her two children, hubby and myself. The table was full of good food and gifts were under the tree. Everything started out normal and just after we had finished eating and opening gifts we hear sirens going off in the distance. We all rushed outside and noticed the sky had turned dark...eerie dark. We turned on the tv to see what was going on. Right then the tv station was showing a live shot of our county of the dark sky when they noticed the clouds starting to rotate. As we sat there watching a tornado formed. We continued to watch as it started hitting transformers and power-lines. Although it was off in the distance we could see the sky turn green.

It wasn't an invited guest to anyone's home but it showed up none-the-less. It dissipated just shy of my parents city. PTL but with this being said, I decided to let my teenage niece try these out so the day would not be all about the tornado.

She sat there on the couch and got lost in applying this nail fashion to her toes. She spoke of how easy it was to apply.  She stated that she had used other brands before and that these went on with ease. We spoke as she shared her newly manicured toes with everyone in the room about how she would rate them. With what she said and since I am all about Shmoo, we give this product.....

5 out of 5 Shmoos

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